Sexual Dysfunction: Your Questions Answered

Sexual dysfunction can affect the quality of life of both men and women.

Persistent and recurrent issues with sexual response, orgasm, or desire that can negatively affect the relationship with your partner are medically known as sexual dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction in men and female sexual dysfunction trouble all the more individuals worldwide. What are the major causes and symptoms of sexual dysfunction and what are the available treatment options for men and women?

Causes of male sexual dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is the inability to keep an erection long and firm enough to have satisfactory sexual intercourse. Occasional sexual dysfunction in men is quite common, particularly during times of stress. Frequent dysfunction, however, can be the sign of some more serious health issue you need to seek out. The most usual causes of male sexual dysfunction are either emotional or physical. Anxiety, stress, depression, or relationship problems are common causes of this condition, followed by increased age. Physical issues or health problems, like hypertension, diabetes, kidney disease, obesity, and cardiovascular issues are also, quite common causes. Apart from these, sleep disorders or too much alcohol consumption and extreme usage of tobacco products can also, decrease men’s sexual appetite and desire.

Causes of female sexual dysfunction

Most women will experience some issue with their sexual life at some point. However, persistent sexual issues or a constant inability to get aroused or satisfied may hide some other type of health issue. Both physical and hormonal causes may lead to female sexual dysfunction. For example, health issues, including heart disease, kidney failure, or multiple sclerosis can really affect the ability of women to have a satisfactory sexual encounter. High blood pressure and certain medication, like antidepressants, can also, affect women’s ability to perform in the bedroom. On the other hand, hormonal disorders are also, quite common in women. Low estrogen levels after menopause can affect your sexual responsiveness. Decreased estrogen production may lead to decreased blood flow towards the pelvic region. That can seriously affect the time you need to get aroused or the overall genital sensation. Hormonal disorders may be the cause of psychological reasons, including constant conflicts with your partner, long-term stress, or even sexual abuse.

Symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men and women

The most common symptoms of sexual dysfunction in men of all ages include trouble getting and keeping an erection, reduced desire to get into sexual intercourse, and premature ejaculation. Other quite frequent symptoms are delayed ejaculation or the inability to reach orgasm even after ample stimulation. If those symptoms affect your sexual relationship for a long period or if they seem persistent or recurrent, then you should probably seek an immediate treatment option. Women suffering from sexual dysfunction will normally develop some similar symptoms to men. Low sexual desire and a general lack of willingness to be sexual are the two most common symptoms in women. Moreover, the inability to reach an orgasm after sufficient sexual arousal or the experience of pain associated with sexual stimulation or even vaginal contact are also, signs that you may be suffering from this type of sexual issue.

 Treatment for sexual dysfunction in men

Erectile dysfunction in men can severely affect not only their desire to have a healthy sexual relationship but their psychology and emotional state, as well. For this reason, immediate treatment of such a condition is really important. The most effective sexual dysfunction treatment in men includes the Priapus shot. With the use of platelet-derived growth factors, the penis can be fully rejuvenated and you can bring your sex life back to normal. Doing the Priapus shot is both an effective and long-lasting solution against sexual dysfunction. Using it on the penis will result in it getting larger, stronger, and able to satisfy your partner. The Priapus shot can immediately increase blood flow towards the penis, and men will normally expect a 10 to 20% increase in both length and girth. The whole procedure is painless, quick, and effective. The injection is put directly into the corpus cavernosum and into the head of the penis. The whole method is protected by the US Patent and Trademark Office and has received several positive reviews from men having suffered from sexual dysfunction for a long time.

Best treatment option Sexual Dysfunction for women

A similar treatment option is available for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. Known as O-Shot, this method can help women get over this sexual issue once and for all. By using the O-shot method, you will be able to increase your ability to reach a satisfactory orgasm, your sexual desire will increase and you’ll be able to deal with other issues, including stress urinary incontinence lichen planus or, dryness from menopause. As is the case with Priapus shots, O-Shot also uses blood-derived growth factors to help women in their vaginal rejuvenation process. Whether you are suffering from female sexual arousal disorder, dyspareunia, or hypoactive sexual desire disorder, doing the O-shot in your vagina can really help. The major benefit of this method is the fact that it promises to give women some long-lasting results. As opposed to short-term hormone replacement therapy or treatment with vaginal estrogen or topical hormone therapy, Orgasm Shot provides women with long-lasting results and helps them enjoy their sexual relationship with their partner. Suffering from any type of sexual dysfunction can be quite annoying for men and women alike. Whether the reason behind such a condition is psychological, physical, or hormonal, it is true that it can affect one’s relationship in several ways. It is not only a matter of failing to lead a healthy sexual relationship. It can also affect your emotional state and make you anxious, stressed, and cause some unnecessary conflicts with your other half. 

Thankfully, there are nowadays, some really effective solutions for both men and women wishing to bring back their sexual desire, increase their libido and experience some great orgasms. After all, having a healthy and satisfactory sexual relationship can really help the couple strengthen their bond and fully enjoy their time together.

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